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What is AnyDrop?

AnyDrop is your all-in-one menubar toolkit. It helps you easily and smartly translate, convert text, process images and files... All you need to do is simply Drag & Drop.

Quiet Yet Smart: AnyDrop knows when you need it and predict what actions you are going to use to process the input contents.

The Real Bulk Action: When you drag or copy multiple files or even different types of files, AnyDrop will handle them properly with multithread processing.

Easy Customization: Sort actions, change action names, options, parameters and the ways to show results. No programming skills required.

Vibrant: Feels great with progress animations, looks great on both dark and light macOS appearance.

Efficient Keyboard Shortcuts: Use customized shortcuts to copy files, open action menu or even run actions. Each action can set a unique global shortcut key, so you can run it anytime without noticing the existence of AnyDrop.

Runs in the Background: Keep focusing on your work, just run the action and leave it alone, when it’s done, you’ll get notified and the results are already in your clipboard.

Your Favorite Services: AnyDrop is integrating commonly used services’ APIs, help you to upload files, save content to them without installing many apps.

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Supported Platforms: macOS

Developers Website: Click Me