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What is Dropshare?

Dropshare is a menu bar application for drag & drop upload files, screenshots and even directories to your own server, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2 Cloud Files, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Google Drive or Dropbox. Additionally, Dropshare offers a file sharing provider called Dropshare Cloud, which is perfectly suitable to start uploading in just minutes. Sharing files with friends, customers, colleagues or anyone else has never been so easy an professional!

Dropshare supports Multiple Connections: You can set up different upload destinations at the same time and switch between them using user-defined keyboard shortcuts, or by holding ⌘ while dragging & dropping a file.

• Uploads everything

No matter if files, folders, text or screenshots - Dropshare uploads every file and data to your selected destination - also from clipboard or other applications like Safari. Share Extension included!

• Share and annotate screenshots!

Set up your own keyboard shortcuts for fullscreen or selection-based screenshots that'll be uploaded automatically with Dropshare. Set up a custom keyboard shortcut for taking a screenshot and annotating it afterwards with Dropshare itself, or an app you already like: Preview.app, Skitch.app, Napkin.app or Annotate.app!

• Screen Recordings

Take & upload Screen Recordings directly with Dropshare, both fullscreen and selection-based recordings are available, as well as GIF conversion!

• Beautiful individual landing pages

Choose from a number of free designs or craft an individual design on your own using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including upload previews.

• Dropshare Sync

Synchronize your upload history across all your devices, supports both iOS and macOS. Your upload history will automatically be synchronized across all your Apple devices with iCloud.

• Choose your URL shortener

Dropshare supports URL shorteners as well, e.g. dsh.re or Rebrandly, or configure your very own URL shortener service like bit.ly or YOURLS.

To be sure Dropshare is the right tool for you, please read the following technical requirements:

• Dropshare Cloud

Dropshare Cloud offers a complimentary plan for Setapp users! Check it out in the Dropshare for Mac app.

• Secure Copy (SCP over SSH) to your own server

A working SSH user account is required on the server. A password or SSH key pair is also required. To have the uploaded file displayed in a web browser, a web server needs to be installed and configured on the server.

• S3 API-compliant service

Dropshare supports services like OpenStack Swift. Check our User Guide for more information.

• Google Drive

A regular Google account is required in order to use Google Drive.

• Dropbox

A regular Dropbox account is required in order to use Dropbox.

• Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, Backblaze B2 Cloud Files, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Rackspace Cloud Files

A subscription may be neccessary in order to use Dropshare with one of these providers. Please check out the terms of use and payment information at the website of the selected provider.

Please note that Dropshare does not support FTP!

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Supported Platforms: macOS, iOS (Discount only available on macOS)

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