Why haven't I received my discount?

Most people should receive their discount within 15 minutes of entering their academic email into the site. However, some educational institutions do not allow emails from outside their institution to be received by students or staff; if this is the case for you, there is no way for us to send any emails to your academic email.

To get around the issue of emails being blocked please email us from your personal email with evidence of your student status (See Below), and we'll get back to you with your student discount.

What evidence can I provide to prove my student status if I do not have an academic email?

Students can claim their discount by sending us any of the following evidence of their student status:

  • Course acceptance letter
  • Student ID card
  • Course bill

* Any evidence must be dated. Evidence not in English may take longer to be verified or rejected if I am unable to translate them.

What academic email address are accepted?

Student App Centre accepts any email address ending with the following:

  • ac.uk
  • edu
  • edu.ph
  • edu.pl
  • edu.cn
  • edu.au
  • tudelft.nl

  • edu.my

  • edu.sg

  • k12.ma.us

  • student.uva.nl

  • uni-kiel.de

  • uni-koeln.de

  • epfl.ch

  • edu.lv

  • etu.unige.ch

  • auth.gr

  • nic.bc.ca

  • sch.bme.hu

  • iith.ac.in

  • student.matnat.uio.no

  • aalto.fi

  • htw-berlin.de

  • student.hamk.fi

  • cems.org

  • kpu.ca

  • hi.is

  • studio.unibo.it

  • ucalgary.ca

  • edu.tr

  • edu.ua

  • edu.tw

  • edu.hk

  • ac.at

  • hku.hk

  • uned.es

  • lmu.de

  • hiof.no

  • akademiet.no

  • ucm.es

  • edu.uah.es

  • hiof.no

  • marlboroughcollege.org

  • ac-nice.fr

  • stud.dhbw-ravensburg.de

  • guhsd.net

  • hszk.bme.hu

  • ad.ua.ac.be

  • studenti.unisalento.it

  • student.spbu.ru

  • bgu.ac.il

  • fernuni-hagen.de

  • student.maastrichtuniversity.nl

  • edu.kz

  • polyu.hk

  • dulwich.org.uk

  • uqtr.ca

* This list is growing over time. If your academic email is not listed, please use the form below to let us know about it.

Please enter the email address you'd like us to add to our accepted email list.

Why do only some apps allow me to claim my discount directly from Student App Centre?

We want to get students the best discount we can on all the software they might need, because of this we have decided to list two types of app discount pages:

  • Self-contained app pages - these are the apps where you can apply for your student discount directly on Student App Centre. Most of these apps are new to offering student discount and are therefore much happier to hand off the service to us.
  • Linked app pages - these are the apps with either a link or email button which directs you to the app's developer who then handles the discount. Most of these apps already offered discounts before Student App Centre and therefore already have an infrastructure in place to handle giving out the discounts themselves.

As a service, we like to offer both types of discounts to ensure students can find the best selection of discounts. 

Can discounts be backdated?

Discounts from Student App Centre can only be used for future purchases and cannot be backdated. If you decide to purchase an application, between applying for a discount and receiving it, you will not be able to claim any money back.