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What is Fantastical?

Fantastical is the multiple award-winning calendar app with powerful features including intuitive natural language text parsing, a full calendar window with day, week, month, quarter and year views, an ultra-quick access mini window, tasks, time zone support, and much, much more.

Fantastical's natural language event and task creation, beautiful calendar views, and ultra-smart event list make it the best calendar and tasks app you'll ever use. Just type in that you have "Lunch with John on Friday at 1pm" and Fantastical will schedule it! Or type in "remind me to Buy Milk on Tuesday" and Fantastical will create a task with a due date!


• Open Fantastical with a single click or keystroke • Type in your details or use dictation and watch your words magically turn into an actual event or task! • Powerful parser features, including: - Create tasks by starting your sentence with “task” ”reminder", "todo", or "remind me to" - Powerful and expressive repeating events such as third Thursday of every month, every weekend, last weekday of the month, and more - Create alerts with phrases like "remind me tomorrow at 3PM", "alert 1 hour before", or "alarm 3PM"


• Connects to your favorite calendar services including iCloud, Google, Exchange, Office 365, Todoist, Yahoo, and more • Automatically add alarms to your new events • Fantastical is fully localized in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish • Start typing your event or task in any of these languages and Fantastical will automagically understand!


• Lots and lots of macOS Widgets • Share Extension • Handoff support between Fantastical for Mac, iPhone, and iPad • Time zone support including floating time zone support • Dark and light themes • And much, much more!

Fantastical is created by Flexibits.

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Fantastical Blogs and Updates

Fantastical Version 3.7.8

Published: Wednesday 8th March 2023

This is a great update from Fantastical, adding new features, making improvements and fixing issues you have identified. Check out everything they have changed:


- Added an option to choose all instances of a recurring event series even when not editing the first instance of the series

- Added support for v3 meeting URLs

- Meetup groups that you manage will now appear correctly

- Show item titles instead of "1 more item" in widgets


- Improved performance when searching for invitees on macOS Ventura

- Improved support for adding personal Microsoft 365 accounts

- Improved push notifications for personal Office 365 accounts

- The Fantastical Openings Availability view now includes hidden items


- Fixed an issue where Fantastical would try to sync with deleted Todoist accounts

- Fixed an issue that resulted in some servers constantly rejecting changes to a detached event in a series

- Fixed an issue where the conference call icon displayed in the menubar wasn't dimmed correctly on secondary displays

- Fixed an issue that was preventing the directions button from showing in widgets for upcoming events

- Fixed an issue where template tasks wouldn't update the due date correctly

- Fixed an issue where scrolling too far in the month view would stop working

- Fixed attendee autocomplete not working if you've already specified a calendar with autocomplete

- Fixed an issue where the colored icon in the status bar was not being rendered correctly with an upcoming conference call

- Fixed an issue where weekly recurring events wouldn't appear correctly on personal Microsoft 365 accounts

- Various fixes and improvements

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Fantastical Version 3.7.7

Published: Tuesday 7th February 2023

This is a big update for fixing issues in Fantastical, but that is not the only thing that happened in this update. Check out what else they have done:


- Webex meetings can now be scheduled in the Personal Room

- Added support for personal Microsoft Teams conferences


- Improved detection and recovery when encountering a corrupt database

- Improved handling of Todoist sync errors


- Fixed an issue where the mini window would automatically close when some other app activated Secure Event Input

- Fixed an issue were events deleted on a Google calendar could reappear

- Fixed a crash when encountering an invalid time zone on Exchange

- Fixed an issue where dragging events to year view would set them to all-day events

- Fixed an issue where dragging events to month view would change the start date

- Fixed an issue where notifications for Openings appointments would disappear too soon if a conference call was automatically added

- Fixed an issue where updating an event from search results would scroll back to the top of the list

- Fixed popovers for incoming invitations appearing too tall

- Fixed widgets not working on macOS 11 and 12

- Fixed an issue where syncing to Todoist could generate more requests than necessary

- Fixed an issue where Exchange accounts could hang syncing when encountering unexpected server issues

- Various fixes and improvements


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Fantastical Version 3.7.6

Published: Friday 20th January 2023

Fantastical have been working hard to make improvements and in this update they has released a huge range of improvements and fixes. Check out what they have done:

- Added support for Slack Huddle links

- Added support for SecureVideo links

- Selecting a calendar in the parser with /calendarname will now match based on the account name (for example "New event 5pm tomorrow /homeic" will select the Home calendar on the iCloud account)

- Improved support for recognizing MS Teams links

- Improved the way VoiceOver describes repeating tasks

- Improved VoiceOver support for Fantastical Proposals

- Improved VoiceOver support for the Weather view

- Improved the way repeating events are handled on CalDAV accounts

- Double-clicking and dragging in the day heading in Day and Week view will now create a new all-day event

- It is now easier to set default timed alerts for at the time of an event

- Fixed multiple events on different calendars sometimes not merging correctly

- Fixed an issue that prevented Fantastical Openings bookings from being created with default video conference settings

- Fixed an issue where events created in the Detroit time zone would appear in the Indiana time zone on Exchange

- Fixed an issue that prevented attachments from being uploaded to Google Drive for some users

- Fixed an issue where the heatmap wouldn’t refresh in the Year view when using a third-party mouse

- Fixed an issue where notifications for all-day proposal responses would incorrectly show a time

- Fixed an issue that caused labels on Todoist to sync incorrectly

- Fixed an issue where notification buttons were displayed with the wrong color while the option key was pressed

- Fixed an issue that prevented weather from updating correct in widgets for some users

- Fixed an issue where the Quarter view wouldn't display data for the full quarter

- Fixed an issue where invitations on CalDAV accounts would incorrectly show an option for a response message that wouldn't do anything

- Fixed an issue where changing free/busy availability of a recurring event would change it for all events in the series instead of a single event

- Pasting lots of text into notes will now scroll the notes to the end

- Meeting notes can now be seen by attendees when responding to a Meeting proposal

- Fixed an issue where Reminders were not showing up in widgets on Ventura

- Error messages during Zoom sync are shown less frequently

- Various fixes and improvements

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Fantastical Version 3.7.4

Published: Thursday 8th December 2022

  • Added an option to hide Todoist tasks on shared lists that aren't assigned to anybody
  • Improved accessibility support for the Openings editor
  • Improved the localization for birthdays and anniversaries in Spanish and Italian so the name comes before the age or anniversary number
  • Improved detection of Exchange servers that support hybrid modern auth through Office 365
  • Improved error handling when an OAuth token fails to refresh for an unexpected reason
  • Made VoiceOver read the event times before the location, for a streamlined experience
  • Creating an event after 11pm by double-clicking in day or week view no longer sets the title incorrectly
  • Moving items with control-arrow keys will scroll to the new date to keep the moved item visible
  • Fantastical will now quit more quickly
  • Fixes and improvements when proposing new times when responding to event invitations
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on dates in the calendar view would show the wrong date
  • Fixed an issue where hidden items would still show up in the widgets
  • Fixed an issue that prevented all-day notifications from working correctly
  • Fixed print preview not updating immediately when changing certain settings
  • Fixed hiding or showing items sometimes not updating the user interface immediately
  • Fixed clicking on a notification not showing the event or task's details
  • Fixed an issue with Openings templates that resulted in the wrong schedule being offered when the template was not using the system timezone
  • Fixed an issue with Openings templates that resulted in the wrong schedule being offered when it contained blocks extending past midnight
  • Fixed an issue where Openings or Proposals would get stuck if they're targeting a calendar on a disabled account
  • Fixed an issue where meeting proposals could be unintentionally declined
  • Fixed an issue that prevented copying a link in the Openings editor from working as expected
  • Various fixes and improvements

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Fantastical Version 3.7.3

Published: Sunday 6th November 2022

- Added support for syncing custom colors with Fastmail

- Added support for Beacon and Gong conferences

- Changing calendar sets can be undone and redone

- Changing the category of a recurring Exchange event and clicking Cancel no longer changes the category anyway

- Fixed starting events at 10am causing the event to jump to 10pm when the day starts setting is 11pm or 12pm

- Fixed an issue that crashed when performing a database migration for some users

- Fixed an issue that would cause the wrong date to be shown in widgets

- Fixed an issue where importing ics files for invitation replies or cancellations sometimes wouldn't work correctly

- Fixed a crash during onboarding for some users on macOS Ventura

- Fixed an issue where hiding an item on another device wouldn't update in the main calendar window immediately

- Fixed a crash when unhiding an event that was hidden a long time ago

- Fixed a crash when unhiding a recurring event

- Various fixes and improvements

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Fantastical Version 3.7.2

Published: Tuesday 25th October 2022

Fantastical has had a big update, which improves usability for everyone!


- Focus Filters for macOS Ventura! Filter your calendar sets when activating a Focus

- App Shortcuts for macOS Ventura! Using Fantastical's shortcuts is now even quicker and easier

- Restored Meetup functionality and improved support for online events

- Added support for adding Fastmail accounts with OAuth

- Improved the visual appearance and usability of the Openings editor

- Improved loading calendar subscriptions from some servers

- Fixed an issue where the state of hidden items was not properly syncing between devices

- Fixed an issue where Openings availability blocks on Saturdays were being moved to Sundays

- Fixed an issue that prevented attendee comments from updating for some users using Google Calendar

- Fixed an issue importing ICS files with invalid time zone data

- Fixed an issue that prevented alerts from being copied when duplicating or pasting events

- Fixed a crash when importing ICS files for some users

- Fixed an issue where custom calendar weeks were not being used for the menu bar icon and dock badge

- Various fixes and improvements

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Fantastical Version 3.7.1

Published: Saturday 1st October 2022

- Added support for meetings from

- Improved the reliability of time to leave alerts

- Fantastical Openings editor is now localized

- Fixed an issue that could prevent calendar sets from automatically changing based on time

- Fixed an issue where incoming event proposals wouldn't update the notifications section immediately

- Fixed an issue where disabling a calendar in a set would disable other calendars with the exact same name and color on other accounts

- Fixed an issue where renaming a calendar set could get undone a few seconds later

- Fixed an issue where changing the title of an engagement would also change its URL

- Fixed an issue that prevented some calendars from being subscribed to

- Fixed an issue where adding an attachment to an event on Google could show two attachments

- Various fixes and improvements

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Fantastical Scheduling Improvements

Published: Thursday 16th June 2022

After being out for four months Fantastical Scheduling has got some big updates in the 3.6.5 update.

Update Highlights

Automatic conference calls - Once people have selected a time that they are available for a meeting with you using the Openings you have selected you can now automatically add a conference call. However, some meetings will be face-to-face, so for those you can select a a template that will allow your client/co-workers to decide if the meeting will be online or face-to-face.

Break Time - Ensure that you have some time after each meeting or appointment so you are not jumping from meeting to meeting. Using Break Time will allow you to gather your thoughts, take a breath, and start each meeting refreshed.

Openings Availability view - Easily check which time slots you still have free and which ones are no longer available.

These are just the highlights of the update, so there are many smaller changes for you to explore!

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Fantastical Now Available on Student App Centre!

Published: Wednesday 30th March 2022

We’re thrilled to let you know that students can now enjoy 20% Off Fantastical exclusively through Student App Centre!

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Fantastical FAQs

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Yes, Fantastical offers 20% off to verified students. You can claim your discount by completing the form at the top of the page.

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Discounts on Student App Centre can and do change frequently. The current discount on Fantastical can be adjusted or removed at anytime. If you think 20% off is a good deal, don't miss out and claim your discount now!

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You can get 20% off Fantastical exclusively through Student App Centre by completing the form at the top of the page.

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