You can currently running on the US1 server.


Although this Calendar 366 II has made a load of bug-fixes, it has also adding a new feature and an improvement, so check out what has changed.


• 3, 6 and 12 hours before templates for alerts


• Multi-day events in week view

• Shared calendar notifications for deleted events

• Duplicate (identical) notifications

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This is a big update for fixing issues in Fantastical, but that is not the only thing that happened in this update. Check out what else they have done:


- Webex meetings can now be scheduled in the Personal Room

- Added support for personal Microsoft Teams conferences


- Improved detection and recovery when encountering a corrupt database

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Integrity Plus has been working hard to make improvements and fix issues to ensure that you get the best experience, so see what changes they have made:

- Fixes double-quotes in url (even if percent-encoded) corrupting the exported bad links (by link) csv 

- Fixes crash which happened under unlikely circumstances 

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This is just a quick update for Integrity Pro that has made a couple of fixes, these fixes are:

-Fixes double-quotes in url (even if percent-encoded) corrupting the exported bad links (by link) csv

-Fixes crash which happened under unlikely circumstances

Luminar Neo 1.6.4: Enjoy a smoother experience

In Update 1.6.4, Luminar Neo have fixed a number of bugs in order to improve your experience. With this update, you can use Luminar Neo even more smoothly and without encountering unexpected behaviors. 

This Integrity Pro update has had a few key changes, including many fixes to improve your experience.


- Fixes pdf documents (if being checked) were being included in some SEO tests that should only apply to html pages, such as missing title / description.

- Fixes a bug that could have caused spurious statuses for certain urls (caused if url contained a percent symbol which isn't part of a percent-encoding, which is a bad practice anyway.)

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This 1Password update has worked on fixing some known issues.

  • Fixes an issue that made migrating to an account more difficult if you were in dark mode.
  • Fixes a crash that could occur on macOS 13 when interacting with the item details.

Art Text version 4.2.1 has introduced new features as well as fixing some issues.


• Changed the approach to creating an animation. Now users have to add a keyframe and then make motion or text effects changes.

New Features:

• Introduced animation preview into Templates Gallery for templates that include animation.

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This Cardhop update has been focusing on making improvements for all users. These updates include:

- Added support to add Mastodon usernames to a contact card

- Added support to detect Mastodon usernames in the parser input

- The order of the copy actions now follows the order of the fields of the contact card

- Fixed celebration widget not loading contacts

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This update for Swift Publisher has resolved some issues to improve your experience. The fixed issues are:

  • Resolved the program crash when attempting to restore previous version of a document (menu File -> Revert To). 
  •  Fixed the problem with the new printing option for selected pages on macOS 13 Ventura.

Fantastical have been working hard to make improvements and in this update they has released a huge range of improvements and fixes. Check out what they have done:

- Added support for Slack Huddle links

- Added support for SecureVideo links

- Selecting a calendar in the parser with /calendarname will now match based on the account name (for example "New event 5pm tomorrow /homeic" will select the Home calendar on the iCloud account)

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There have been many changes in the most recent update, each one making it a better experience for you!

Specifier Shorthands

- Added short form specifiers for quicker conversions:

- Use "num" for number ("35% as num" = 0.35)

- Use "bin" for binary ("123 as bin" = 0b1111011)

- Use "iso" for the iso8603 date format ("today as iso" = 2022-11-24T12:00:00%2003:00)

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Prizmo has made a few changes to fix some known issues.

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where OCR results were discarded when opening documents processed by the Cloud OCR on iOS. 
  • Camera tethering has been disabled because of a reliability issue with recent versions of macOS.

PDFelement has made some small but important changes, optimising your experience.


Optimised the interactive experience of Compare PDF;

Optimised merge editing of Text/Image/Link;

Fixed recent user feedback issues to further improve product experience and stability.

Marked 2 always wants to bring you the best experience and to do that they have added new features, improved old ones and fixed issues in this one update!


- Allow use of $MARKED_ORIGIN and other environment variables in Custom Pre/processor arguments

- Use Marked.hooks.register('update', function) in embedded scripts to trigger a script every time the preview is updated

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Luminar Neo 1.6.2: Improvements to Extensions and bug fixes

In Update 1.6.2, Extensions got even better! Now the Upscale AI and Supersharp AI Extensions have built-in Face Enhancer AI technology, which means these tools will now enhance faces and make them appear clearer and sharper in blurry or low-resolution photos.

On top of that, they have fixed a number of bugs so Luminar Neo works even more smoothly. Make sure to try out the improvements.

Permute has added a new feature for you, fixed issues and added an improvement. All in order to make Permute even better.


The subtitles popover now has a toggle button that allows you to easily deselect all subtitles.


An issue where Permute would copy the track even when speed was adjusted.

Issues with the crop editing and validation.

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Luminar Neo 1.6.1: Magic Light AI, new camera support, and more

Control multiple light sources in your photo, making them more intense, add beams, and adjust/add glow. Magic Light AI works best with artificial light sources such as incandescent or Edison-style LED light bulbs, street lights, and decorative lights.

In the new update, you will see support for new cameras including the Fujifilm X-T5, Fujifilm X-H2, Nikon Z30, OM Digital OM-5, Hasselblad X2D 100c.

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Cardhop have been busy making improvements and fixing bug issues in this latest update.

Fixes and improvements 

  • Improved the related names feature and relationship graphs for Chinese names.
  • Fixed a crash with celebrations near the end of the year.
  • Various fixes and improvements


This has been a massive update for DevUtils, there are new tools, features, improvements and bug fixes all in this one update! Check out all of the new features now.

New tools:

- Added Certificate Decoder (X.509) tool: decode an encoded certificate string to human-readable format using Open SSL.

- Added JSON to Code tool: convert JSON or JSON Schema string to 20 programming languages type. This tool is powered by the famous quicktype open-source project.

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Greetings from Ukraine! If you frequently merge files, you’d love this update! We worked on the process of merging and now you can choose the sequence of files, the name of the merged file and remove unnecessary pages before your files are merged. Moreover, now you can select Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files as well as other types of files and receive a single PDF document. We hope you love this update as much as we’ve loved making it.

New: Video to Images workshop module that allows you to extract video frames as images.

New: JPEG preset now allows selection between .jpg and .jpeg path extensions.

Fixed: UI bug where the correct scaling option wouldn't get selected.

Fixed: Resizing issue with certain resolutions. Fixed: Issue with reading certain malformed images.

  1. Optimized the same files‘ upload conflict to Document Cloud.
  2. Support password protection for sharing documents;
  3. Support to customize the show or hidden of messages;
  4. Support User Guide Book for a better editing experience;
  5. Fixed recent user feedback issues to further improve product experience and stability.

The new version of MyDraw brings many new features, optimizations, and bug fixes. 

New Features and Improvements:

- Improved high DPI support, with support for per-monitor DPI awareness.

- MS Visio import and export improvements

- AutoCAD import and export improvements

- Improved PDF export - multipage PDF export as well as export of hyperlink elements in PDF.

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This update brings several fixes. For instance, they have fixed the issue with content being pasted as images and not as text. They also fixed the issue with the snap feature remaining enabled even though the user has disabled it. Crashes while you undo actions are also fixed. The update includes a bunch of design improvements as well. 

There are many great changes and improvements in the new version of Art Text 4, check out the new changes: 

• The new text animation feature. 

• Export animations to .mov, mp4, m4v, or GIF video formats.

• Share animation within the Art Text document.

• Revised the Document Size dialog and added new presets.

• Fixed the problem with the mask rotation slider.

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Parallels Desktop for Mac 1.8.1 App Store Edition includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Resolves the issue of Error 400 occurring when authenticating through “Sign in with Google”.
  • Resolves an issue with enabling folder sharing between macOS and VMs.
  • Adds support for Linux kernel 5.19 and newer on Intel Macs.
  • Addresses various other stability and security issues.

One of the biggest fixes for Prizmo is a crash that happened when editing documents on macOS 10.13 and macOS 10.14.


- Major overhaul of text layout understanding for the OCR engine. Document layout parsing (OCR post-processing) has been upgraded for better text block & column generation. Recognized text blocks now better represent the original document intent for all supported OCRs.

- Optimized for macOS Ventura.

This week, we revitalized your productivity on the go with Docs sharing from Docs Home and inside of Docs! We also enabled sharing of most file types to ClickUp from the iOS share menu! And tons of bugs were squashed to make your experience more reliable and quick!

Soulver 3 is optimized for macOS 13 Ventura and now requires macOS Big Sur or later

System integration

- New "Calculate with Soulver" action for Shortcuts 

- Improved Quick Look previews of Soulver files 

- Alfred workflow updated for Alfred 5

Wolfram|Alpha integration

- Query Wolfram|Alpha directly from Soulver

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Integrity Pro has had a few changes recently that you should know about. 


- Fixes a problem that led to the final status of certain urls (a redirect followed by an error) showing the 3xx redirect code rather than the final error code.

- Fixes bug with the redirect table in the Link Inspector not showing the starting url on the first row but the first redirect url

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Integrity Plus has been working hard to make some fixes recently including the following:

Fixes a problem that led to the final status of certain urls (a redirect followed by an error) showing the 3xx redirect code rather than the final error code.

Fixes bug with the redirect table in the Link Inspector not showing the starting url on the first row but the first redirect url

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Timeless has had a few changes recently. This includes:


* Text alignment in menu bar.

* Improved accuracy by updating the menu items more often.


* Clock removal instructions; macOS no longer supports it.

- Added support for syncing custom colors with Fastmail

- Added support for Beacon and Gong conferences

- Changing calendar sets can be undone and redone

- Changing the category of a recurring Exchange event and clicking Cancel no longer changes the category anyway

- Fixed starting events at 10am causing the event to jump to 10pm when the day starts setting is 11pm or 12pm

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  1. Support Translation by right-clicking words;
  2. Support Wiki search inside the product;
  3. Support sharing the documents by QR code;
  4. Optimized the interactive experience of purchase;
  5. Fixed some issues that may cause crashes;
  6. Fixed some known bugs.

Network Radar has been updated to include a new feature and fix some issues. These changes are:

NEW: The model id of a host will be added in more scans. 

FIX: Sometimes the timeout for port scans was ignored or too high.

FIX: macOS 10.13 High Sierra is supported again.

Something you have all been waiting for is finally here...

SideNotes is now available on iOS, meaning you can access your notes on your Mac, iPhone and iPad! 

You will notice that there are some differences between the macOS and iOS versions, such as currently shortcuts are not available on the iOS version. However, that does not stop it being the iOS app you have been waiting for.

Micro Snitch has now had improved compatibility with macOS Ventura

Added option to turn off camera activity notifications on Apple Silicon Macs running macOS Big Sur and Monterey. Due to a bug in these macOS versions, the built-in camera may sometimes be incorrectly reported as active for a short moment. This bug has already been fixed in macOS Ventura.

Luminar Neo 1.4.2: Enjoy faster Noiseless AI

In this small Luminar Neo update, you'll notice how much faster Noiseless AI's performance is on mid-range integrated graphics cards and on discrete graphics cards. That's because Noiseless AI now runs on your computer's GPU. You can try it now on your photos, both raw and other formats, and see the results. Update and enjoy!

Cardhop has been updated for macOS Ventura, but that is not the only change they have made.


- Focus Filters for macOS Ventura! Filter your contact lists when activating a Focus

- Added Discord as an instant message service type

- Improved the Telegram action to also work with phone numbers

- Fixed an issue where the large type action used a wrong date format for alternate birthdays

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Fantastical has had a big update, which improves usability for everyone!


- Focus Filters for macOS Ventura! Filter your calendar sets when activating a Focus

- App Shortcuts for macOS Ventura! Using Fantastical's shortcuts is now even quicker and easier

- Restored Meetup functionality and improved support for online events

- Added support for adding Fastmail accounts with OAuth

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Set up a Focus Filter on macOS Ventura to toggle HazeOver dimming or set its intensity and color automatically depending on which Focus mode you have activated. For example, you could have dimming turned on when switching to a Work focus or get it set to a particular color when studying. Select “Set Up Actions…” menu for details and inspiration.

Scapple 1.4.2 prepares the app for macOS Ventura while making several enhancements and bug fixes along the way.


• Improved handling of unsupported image types

• Enhanced adaptive colours in contexts such as printing and boards with dark backgrounds

• Fixed bugs in RTF export, QuickLook, labelling, and the user interface

TextSniper has had a recent update, this includes having full macOS Ventura support. 

Other changes:

• New recognition languages: Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Russian (macOS Ventura required)

• Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the need to click twice the TextSniper icon in the menu bar.

• Other minor fixes and performance improvements.

Network Radar is now ready for macOS 13 Ventura. Whilst doing this they have also made some other changes, including:

NEW: The device and vendor database has been updated.

FIX: The app did crash when trying to presenting the Custom Scan view twice.

Apple Shortcuts support, new Apple Script API and improvements

New Features

- Apple Shortcuts support (requires macOS 12)

- Apple Script API

- Apple Shortcuts actions (requires macOS 12)


- New URL-s

Now you can show a workspace or resource using URL: `workspaces://show/resource-or-workspace-id`

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There’s more than meets the eye in today’s small, yet mighty update to PDF Expert.


- Improvements to Dark Mode

- Improvements to content autodetection in the OCR’d PDFs

- Improvements to navigation with the arrow keys.

There have also been design updates for the tabs.

SideNotes have made some small changes that will improve the way you use it. These improvements are:

- image store optimisation 

- fixed displaying the app while being over full screen apps 

- stability improvements

Parallels have been working hard to make improvements for all of their users, so check out the update they have made.


For Apple M series chip Mac computers:

• On Mac computers with a ProMotion display, Windows will now adopt display refresh rate changes automatically if it has been changed in macOS.



For all supported Mac computers:

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Luminar Neo 1.4.1: Enjoy a smoother experience

The Skylum Team keeps delivering. Welcome Luminar Neo's new update! In Luminar Neo Update 1.4.1, they've fixed a number of bugs. Now you can use the app even more smoothly and without encountering unexpected behaviors.


The Updater module will provide a better experience in notifying you about application updates



Minor issues related to the recently updated Network Monitor

Issues that potentially affected the performance of the Malware Monitor

Version 8.3 is a several bug fixes and improvements:

• Design improvement: fixed an issue with depicting of tasks, projects, categories and priorities.

• Some additional performance improvements we could make in the process.

Adds 'Delete configuration' to context menu Fixes sorting by column in 'by status' view, plus small efficiency related to building by status view at end of scan. Fixes Preferences-Views-'treat blacklisted urls as bad links' Fixes appearance of headings 'outline' view in page inspector Fixes issue that could have caused twitter: meta tags to not show in SEO -> Meta data table Adds Twitter card visualiser and json-ld structured data viewer to Page Inspector window. Other small fixes

Adds 'Delete configuration' to context menu Fixes sorting by column in 'by status' view, plus small efficiency related to building by status view at end of scan. Fixes Preferences-Views-'treat blacklisted urls as bad links' Fixes appearance of headings 'outline' view in page inspector Other small fixes

The new version brings many new features, optimizations, and bug fixes. Following is a brief summary of the MyDraw new features and improvements:

- Improved high DPI support, with support for per-monitor DPI awareness.

- MS Visio import and export improvements

- AutoCAD import and export improvements

- Improved PDF export - multipage PDF export as well as export of hyperlink elements in PDF.

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Network speed measurement units adjusted to provide a clearer picture of your results. We’ve heard you on this one!

In addition to speed, CleanMyMac’s network monitor now also provides a readout on the amount of traffic.

The Updater module is now capable of updating Chrome.


New tools

- Added cURL to Code tool. Comes in 15 languages: JavaScript, NodeJS, Go, Java, Python, Rust, etc.

- Added SVG to CSS tool. Easily convert your SVG to CSS background-image property. Support URL Encoded version and Base64 encoded version.

New features

- You can now open multiple DevUtils windows with ⌘N or right-click on the tool in the sidebar → Open in New Window.

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- Added support for meetings from

- Improved the reliability of time to leave alerts

- Fantastical Openings editor is now localized

- Fixed an issue that could prevent calendar sets from automatically changing based on time

- Fixed an issue where incoming event proposals wouldn't update the notifications section immediately

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iFlicks 3.8 is the forth major update to iFlicks 3

This is another huge update with many things changing behind the scenes, including:

• Native support for Apple Silicon (M1)

• TV Show metadata support through The Movie Database

1. Support measurement tools to support distance, perimeter and area measurement methods;

2. Support drag and drop movement, copy and paste of thumbnails.

3. Support a shortcut rotation entry for thumbnails;

4. Support copy and paste of the organization page;

5. Support drag and drop movement from the organization page to the thumbnail;

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Added the ability to preview a lot of image edit functions, such as:

- much faster cropping preview

- much faster text watermark preview

- add tint, with live preview option (called: 'simulation mode')

- add filter, with live preview option

- add frame, with live preview option

- add rounded corners, with live preview option

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Prizmo 4.3 brings dithering processing for black and white images in PDF exports, compatibility with macOS Monterey & various bug fixes and improvements.

Prizmo now makes use of dithering (image regions) when exporting to black & white PDF, such that the density of black dots in the new image approximates the average gray-level in the original picture. This improves the overall quality of exported PDF, while preserving a small file size (ideal for archiving).

Scapple 1.4.1 modernises and extends the app's internals by moving a large part of the codebase to Swift (Apple’s modern programming language), paving the way for future development.

• Various user interface enhancements.

• Support for middle-mouse-button drag.

• The keyboard shortcut Opt-Cmd-G can now be used to create new background shapes.

• Numerous other refinements and bug fixes.

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• Updated for macOS 12 Monterey.

• Added an “Update NaNoWriMo Word Count” feature to the Project menu for those taking part in National Novel Writing Month. The feature is available when using the special NaNoWriMo project template available from our site, or for any project with a target of 50,000 words and a deadline of 30th November.

• Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Units & Conversions

- Feet and inches can now be specified using ' and ". For example: 3' 4" %20 9' 2" = 12 feet 6 inches

- Added decimetres unit (dm)

- Added microgram unit (mcg)

Statistics of Lists

- Perform statistical operations on lists of lines, like "total of 3, 4, 5 7 and 9" = (28), or "average of 12, 30 and 90" (=44)

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- Improved: macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility.

- Added: Apple M1 Chip support. Unclutter can now run natively under Apple Silicon architecture (without Rosetta).

- Added: [Unclutter Advanced Preferences] Ability to launch the app in quiet mode (without showing the window).

- Added: [Unclutter Advanced Preferences] Ability to invert the scrolling direction when opening Unclutter (important for 3rd-party mouse devices).

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NEW: A new Shortcuts Action has been added that lets you check certain ports.

NEW: Adding a custom Host via a domain now adds all found IP addresses.

NEW: Long Bonjour TXT Record informations are now being displayed better.

NEW: The device database has been updated, including the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

NEW: The maximum width of the IPv6 column has been increased.

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The latest update from Hook brings you version 3.8 and this version has some impressive new features. 

Big Features

One of the biggest new features in this update is being able to support Apple Shortcuts automation. This means you are now able to create a shortcut to connect and navigate your most useful and important information. 

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With iOS 16 being released recently Todoist has been updated so you can get the most out of the new version of iOS. The biggest feature in this update is the Lock Screen widgets. This feature is a hug improvement for Todoist users as it means you can do things such as adding to your todo list without having to unlock you phone, find the app and then add your task. This may seem like a small update to you, but trust us, it is life changing.

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1Password 8 has been such a big improvement for all users on desktops and now they're ensuring everyone can experience this. 1Password 8 has now been released for iOS and Android devices, with new features for you to explore!

Big Changes

New Home Screen - This new Home Screen is built for speed, allowing you to find the passwords and accounts you need access to most often with ease. 

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CleanMyMac's new menu has been created so you can always check over the health of your Mac. Learn more about this update with the video below.

With this release, CleanMyMac X is no longer supported on macOS 10.10 and 10.11. This is to deliver you only the best and fastest software, which, unfortunately, is not feasible with these systems.

Everyone’s favourite PDF editor has had its biggest update in years, and it is now better than ever. With new features and a new design, PDF Expert is making working with PDFs even easier. So, let’s look at what changed in this update.

New design

A clean, modern design makes it easier for you to find the tools you need. They have also updated the icons for all the tools you use, and you can find these icons on the taller toolbar they have updated. Plus, dark mode has been added!

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Stop wasting time on how your presentations look, focus on the content. Finish your text and then use Deckset to turn it into a presentation.

Soon this is something you will also be able to do on your iOS device as Deckset have released a Beta for Deckset iOS. So you can sign up for the Beta and start using Deckset on your iOS devices, meaning you can create your presentations on the go.

With so many features you can take your screenshots to the next level when using CleanShot X and now with the new 4.3 updates, your tool for taking screenshots has only improved once again.

Key Update Features

- Added option to zoom the canvas in the annotation tool

- New "Lock mode" for pinned screenshots

- Added "Drag me" button to pinned screenshots

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After being out for four months Fantastical Scheduling has got some big updates in the 3.6.5 update.

Update Highlights

Automatic conference calls - Once people have selected a time that they are available for a meeting with you using the Openings you have selected you can now automatically add a conference call. However, some meetings will be face-to-face, so for those you can select a a template that will allow your client/co-workers to decide if the meeting will be online or face-to-face.

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SideNotes for iOS has just been released for Beta with most of the features you love on macOS. There are even some extra features that are not available on macOS!

You will be able to sync the app between your different iOS devices so your notes are always there, making this a perfect way to take notes.

SideNotes for iOS will be released later this year once feedback from the Beta has been collected, so keep an eye out for it!

Default Folder X has been working on improving your experience with the app. These improvements are now available for you to experience for yourself. The changes in this update are the following:

-Files uploaded in a browser or attached to an email are now included in Default Folder X's Recent Files list.

-Finder-click has been improved in Save As sheets on Monterey and Big Sur, providing better access to open Finder windows.

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Pareto Security has now released version 1.6.74.

It may only be a small update but they have added features that are worth it. These features are: -Added secure entry terminal check -Added App Store updates check

So, update your version now to get these great features.

I was always somebody who was never concerned about using the same password for every account I made, meaning everything from my YouTube account to my HelloFresh account all shared a password. If anything, I thought this was a great idea as it meant that I would never spend hours trying to log into an account as I always knew what the password was going to be.

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Downie is one of the best ways to download videos from the internet and not just from YouTube.

To make Downie even better for users they have just updated it to improve some of the current features and add new ones!

The new update includes:

• New: If the option to review destination is enabled, the confirmation panel now also contains field for the file name.

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Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn't offer a student discount as standard, there are a handful of universities that have a special deal with Grammarly, but it is rare.

Instead of offering a student discount, Grammarly runs sales for everyone throughout the year, but there is a big catch with these sales; the sale price is often only valid for a couple of months before you are automatically moved back to Grammarly's standard pricing.

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