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The student discounts listed on Student App Centre are not exclusive to the site, instead, the site consolidates discounts already available to students elsewhere. Student App Centre simply finds and shares the best discounts available on professional software. Due to the way in which the site functions, discounts can be changed or removed at any time without notice. So you better buy that app you are thinking about now!


The app icons and descriptions used across Student App Centre are the ownership of their respective developers. Both app icons and descriptions are used to inform users of the site.

The Student App Centre branding is protected by copyright laws around the world.


At Student App Centre our user’s privacy is paramount to every decision we make.

This is why we endeavour to only collect and store data required for the site to function. To achieve this, we have built multiple automatic systems that ensure data is deleted as quickly as possible.

We automatically delete any evidence of student status after 30-days and email address submitted through discount forms after 10-days. The 10-day and 40-day delays are to ensure we can monitor any automatic mail and check the right people receive their discounts. Limitations with G Suite also attribute to the 40-day delay in deletion.

Student App Centre is committed to keeping personal data protected, this means that we do not share it with any partnering developer. If a developer were to ask for your data to join the site, we would not include them.

Google Analytics is an important tool for Student App Centre. We use analytics to see how our site is doing and where people are looking. Google Analytics transmits traffic data from our website to their servers, but they do not identify individual users or associate anything you do with any other data they already have. As part of using Google Analytics, Student App Centre uses cookies so Google can remember your preferences and to help improve the services provided, by using the website you agree to them being used.

Can I get a copy of my date?

Of course, just send us an email using the button below:

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Affiliate Links

Student App Centre uses affiliate links with some of the apps our website. We use affiliate links to help Student App Centre grow and to ensure that it can stay free for all users.

Affiliate links are special links that developers use to identify you came from us. If you then make a purchase on the developers' site after being directed there by us, we’ll receive a small cut of what you pay.