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Students get 30% Off Pulltube!

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What is Pulltube?

"PullTube — the only video downloader you’ll ever need.

It looks nice and allows you to:

- Download any video, audio, playlist, subtitles from over a 1000+ websites!

- Trim Youtube videos on the fly or just save audio streams to MP3 or M4A

- 8K, 4K and 60 fps videos are supported

- Supports HEVC (h265), VP9/8, AV1 video codecs

- Smart browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari

- HTTP/SOCKS proxy support for location restricted downloads

- Gesture and shortcut friendly interface is super easy to use!"

- MyMixApps

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Pulltube Details

Creator: MyMixApps

Developer's Website: Click Me

Supported Platforms: Mac

Categories: Inspire