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What is SnapMotion?

Want an easy tool to get images out of your videos? Use SnapMotion — a simple tool to help you get just the visuals you need from your video files. Rotate or flip your videos before capture, open quickly from Finder or Photos, and get as many stills as you like with no delay with SnapMotion.


Open 4K and 8K videos with no lag and get high quality captures with SnapMotion. Forget about haphazard screenshots that take too much time to capture just right and are blurry more often than not. Get frames from your videos in the highest quality possible with a handy tool such as SnapMotion.


Waste no time when opening your videos. Open the files in Finder, Photos, Files directly to SnapMotion. More good news? The app supports services such HTTP videos. You can open your videos to SnapMotion via their links, making your snapping easy and fast — no need to move your files or download in advance.


Save even more time with SnapMotion’s built-in rotate and flip feature. No need to re-encode your video before you save your screen captures in the right orientation. Just flip or rotate the video in the app and capture what you need exactly the way it was intended to be viewed.


If you need to capture many images from your video, SnapMotion is up for the task. The app allows you to extract thousands of images from your video in batches. You can also create GIFs or MP4s out of your images.


If your version of QuickTime can play it, SnapMotion can capture it! The app works with numerous video formats and codecs and can export your images as PNG, JPEG, HEIF, TIFF, GIF, and MP4.


SnapMotion is designed so that just anyone can pick it up and use it, particularly if you have even a rudimentary knowledge of photography. However, if something isn’t clear, you can submit feedback or ask questions within the app itself.

SnapMotion is created by NeededApp.

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SnapMotion Now Available on Student App Centre!

Published: Wednesday 26th April 2023

We’re thrilled to let you know that students can now enjoy SnapMotion exclusively through Student App Centre!

To redeem your SnapMotion student discount, simply complete the form at the top of this page. We’ll then send you a coupon code to unlock your SnapMotion.

This exclusive student offer is only available through Student App Centre, so don't miss out!

SnapMotion FAQs

Does SnapMotion have a student discount?

Yes, SnapMotion offers 40% off to verified students. You can claim your discount by completing the form at the top of the page.

Is the SnapMotion student discount avaliable all year?

Discounts on Student App Centre can and do change frequently. The current discount on SnapMotion can be adjusted or removed at anytime. If you think 40% off is a good deal, don't miss out and claim your discount now!

Where do I get the SnapMotion student discount?

You can get 40% off SnapMotion exclusively through Student App Centre by completing the form at the top of the page.

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