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What is piQtility?

"A comprehensive photo managing utility for all people involved in preparing web content, catalogs, product brochures, etc.

Some functionality to convince: add subtle watermarks (text and image), adjusting photo size, batch sorting of files, adding subtle photo effects such as rounded corners, color layers, transparent frames, apply photo filters, convert images to one of the most common file types, rename files and all of this from a user-oriented interface. If you keep your pictures in Apple Photos you can batch upload your photos and add immediately some significant meta data, meta data where you can search on in Photos.

All this can be applied one by one as you browse through your photos, but the main strength of piQtility is to apply it batchwise!

Store your preferences in presets, which makes it very easy to reuse. Particularly useful if you need to add new photos to your product catalog, or your webshop, and you want to keep the same look and feel of the already present pictures.

piQtility for photos, the nice built-in 'Photos editing extension', makes it even more user-friendly to apply image frames, color tones, rounded corners, customizable filters ... Extremely handy if you also use Photos to make albums, calendars, posters etc."

- Moon-App

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piQtility Details

Creator: Moon-App

Developer's Website: Click Me

Supported Platforms: Mac

Categories: Inspire