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Accountit Version 2.3.16

Published: Wednesday 17th January 2024

What is New With Accountit:

- Support for the Journaling Suggestions in iOS 17.2 that you can take advantage of to turn any of your special events into transactions in Accountit (You can enable this option in the settings of the app)

- You can now enable or disable the 'Privacy Mode' on the main screen of the app (Just go to the settings of the app and enable the 'Privacy Mode Shortcut' option)

- When exporting your transactions as CSV, you now have an option to save the CSV file to your files

- Various improvements to the CSV import

- Various improvements to the iCloud sync


What is Fixed:

- Fixed the issue where some of the shortcuts just wouldn’t work

- Fixed the issue where the focus filters wouldn’t work sometimes (Please kindly re-add your focus filters for Accountit if you experienced this issue)

- Fixed the crash when trying to enable the Journaling Suggestions on iPadOS (This feature isn’t supported on iPadOS and we have removed it from the iPadOS version of the app)