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Art Text 4 Version 4.2.1

Published: Tuesday 24th January 2023

Art Text version 4.2.1 has introduced new features as well as fixing some issues.


• Changed the approach to creating an animation. Now users have to add a keyframe and then make motion or text effects changes.

New Features:

• Introduced animation preview into Templates Gallery for templates that include animation.

• Introduced keyframe selection that allows users to edit animation.

• The animation export dialog now has animation preview.

• Introduced the ability to resize objects from their center by holding the Option key.

• The background image now has a new selection with no resize handles. The background resize is possible with the document resize only.


• Fixed the problem with video tutorials playback in the Design Gallery dialog for some users on macOS 13 Ventura.

• Resolved the problem with Copy/Paste and Drag/Drop of several images from Finder.

• Object will have raster/vector properties on copy/paste depending on the effects applied to it.

• Fixed the problem with the entire document copying when no object is selected.