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Capto Version 1.2.37

Published: Sunday 3rd September 2023

In this Capto update there area few new features you should know about, there are:


1) Full Screen Capture with Delay

Introducing a new level of control for full screen captures. You can now add a delay before the capture takes place, allowing you to set up your screen exactly how you want it. Perfect for highlighting elements or preparing your screen before capture. This option can be accessed in the Top Bar, Capto Menu Bar, Capto Dock icon, or via a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl %20 Command %20T).


2) Top Bar Area Capture Enhancements

Capto have streamlined the area capture process for your convenience. Easily select your preferred shape (Rectangle, Circle, Freehand) and capture an area without the need for additional clicks. Switch shapes effortlessly using the dropdown menu.


3) Minor Defect Fixes & Performance Improvements

They have also addressed some reported issues to ensure a smoother experience.