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ClickUp Version 5.1.2

Published: Monday 4th March 2024

Get ready to celebrate, because ClickUp Mobile just got a game-changing update! You can now effortlessly edit Task Relationships right from your phone. Simply navigate to any task, scroll down, and seamlessly link tasks with the innovative search technology. Stay perfectly in sync and maintain context effortlessly, even while you're on the go.


But that's not all—they've also revolutionized how you interact with status icons. Now, you can open the status picker by tapping on any status icon (not just the ones in particular areas of the app). Closing tasks is now a breeze with a single tap, boosting your productivity like never before. Plus, status icons have been upgraded to honor the status progress ClickApp, and they'll even display the Task Type when set, making your ClickUp experience more intuitive and efficient than ever.