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Curio Professional Version 24.0

Published: Friday 13th January 2023

There have been some amazing new features added in the new version of Curio Professional, each of which will give you an even better experience when using it. 

Updates and additions:

  • Dragging or pasting URLs into Curio will now automatically show web link previews.
  • Option-drag a resize handle to drag out a connecting line to quickly connect the figure to another for easy Idea Graphs.
  • There's a new Insert > Line main menu for quick access to standalone and connecting lines.
  • Use the Arrange > Convert Into > Index Card menu to convert selected figures into index cards.
  • The handling of default styles for asset figures has been significantly refactored to address several concerns when displayed as icon mode or preview mode.
  • Curio added a couple of new custom app icons: Climate Stripes and Pride.
  • Curio's automatic project backups can now backup projects located in any folder.
  • Loads of other tweaks! 
  • Lots of fixes for reported issues.