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Curio Professional Version 25.0

Published: Tuesday 14th March 2023

- [Pro] Query-Based Collections: The contents of list, mind map, and stack collection figures can now be dynamically filled and refreshed based on a query statement specified in the inspector panel. The results are constructed using synced figure instances pointing to their original figures. That way you can edit a result item's text or meta properties and those changes will be reflected in the original and any other synced instances. Using this feature it's easy to construct a dashboard or home page for your project with one or more collections showing you tasks to tackle, or special tagged items you need to look into.

- Query-Based Search Shelf: The Search shelf has been completely overhauled to use the new query language introduced with Quick Find and used by the query-based collections mentioned above. This query language allows for much more flexible and sophisticated search queries.

- Query Language Enhancements: The query language used by Quick Find, the Search shelf, and query-based collections has been extended with support for project milestones; searching asset contents; sorting by startdue or organizer order; group, limit, and include commands; searching by kind; and you can now find figures with any tag, any resource, or any cross reference.

- Loads of other improvements!

- Lots of fixes for reported issues.