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DaisyDisk Version 4.25

Published: Tuesday 18th April 2023


  • Significantly improved discovery of hidden space by including more system areas into the scan. In many cases nearly all hidden space can be revealed. 
  • Added keyboard navigation in the scanned report (yes, finally!) 
  • Added the “Expand “smaller objects”” and the “Always expand “smaller objects”” commands to the Go menu. The expanded state is now remembered for each folder. - Added the ability to drag & drop app bundles and packages onto DaisyDisk to be scanned as folders. - Added Portuguese language. 
  • Fixed display of network disks host names. 
  • Cloud: Added the separate Scan Cloud button for better discoverability (previously it was located under the Scan Folder button). 
  • Cloud: Added support for Dropbox team accounts – now the shared team folders are included into the scanned result. 
  • Cloud: Fixed the bug which caused very long scans of Google Drive to fail with authorization error. 
  • Cloud: Added distinct descriptions of OneDrive accounts, in case you have both business and personal accounts for the same email address. 
  • Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.