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DevUtils Version 1.15.0

Published: Saturday 1st October 2022

New tools

- Added cURL to Code tool. Comes in 15 languages: JavaScript, NodeJS, Go, Java, Python, Rust, etc.

- Added SVG to CSS tool. Easily convert your SVG to CSS background-image property. Support URL Encoded version and Base64 encoded version.

New features

- You can now open multiple DevUtils windows with ⌘N or right-click on the tool in the sidebar → Open in New Window.

- Added Cheat Sheet to the RegExp Tester tool.

- Added Separating Group Size to the Random String Generator tool. This will enable you to generate more flexible strings like license keys.


- Added "Preserve encoded strings" to the JSON Formatter tool.

- JWT Debugger now automatically removes spaces and newlines characters in the input token.

- Added License Key preset to the Random String Generator tool.

- When you click "Use as input" in various encode/decode tools, the Encode option swaps to Decode automatically (and vice versa).


- Fixed a number format issue in the Color Converter tool.

- Fixed auto-detect behavior: if no matching tool is detected, the app now shows the previously selected tool.

- Fixed DevUtils's menu bar icon not showing correctly on external screens.

- Fixed the group setting gear icon not clickable when the sidebar is too wide.

- Fixed "Check for Updates..." menu item incorrectly disabled in the status bar menu.

Other Changes

- Change the website address from to in various places in the app.

- Rename "Delete" to "Ungroup" in the group menu items.

- The fuzzy search option in the Preferences... panel is removed.