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DevUtils Version 1.16.0

Published: Wednesday 21st December 2022

This has been a massive update for DevUtils, there are new tools, features, improvements and bug fixes all in this one update! Check out all of the new features now.

New tools:

- Added Certificate Decoder (X.509) tool: decode an encoded certificate string to human-readable format using Open SSL.

- Added JSON to Code tool: convert JSON or JSON Schema string to 20 programming languages type. This tool is powered by the famous quicktype open-source project.

New features:

- Added a "Pop-out" button on the top right corner of every tool, which allows you to bring the tool and its current data to a separate window conveniently.

- Added a Markdown Cheatsheet to the Markdown Preview tool.

- Added Timezone section to the Unix Time Converter, which allows you to show the selected time in other timezones.


- The input in the RegExp Tester tool now allows multiple lines.

- Added "Pin to Window" when viewing a cheatsheet/document popup. Clicking it will bring the document to a separate floating window for more convenience.


- XML Formatter: Fixed various formatting issues.

- SQL Formatter: Fixed issue with formatting some MySQL queries.

- JSON Formatter: Added warning when there are big numbers found in the input string, which may cause the output to show a different value.

- Color Converter: Fixed a crash when converting some specific color values.

Other changes:

- Changed the search shortcut from Command %20 / to Command %20 Shift %20 F.

- Redesigned the "Scripting" panel in the Preferences window.