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Doneit Version 2.5.8

Published: Thursday 5th October 2023

There are lots of new features and changes for you to explore in the latest update for Doneit. Check them out here:

What is New:

- You can now use Doneit as a companion to the system's Reminders app allowing you to seamlessly integrate your already existing reminders with Doneit and be able to use the powerful features of Doneit to enhance your Reminders experience

- Ability to reorder columns of the kanban board and tasks lists on the main screen of the app helping you place your most important tasks lists at the very top that should definitely help you get to these tasks lists much quicker now

- Improved smart categories with now even more filtering options helping you effortlessly filter out your tasks based on various criteria that could be important to you at any given time

- Improved main screen of the app that now has an ability to expand or collapse different sections with the tasks lists allowing you to focus on the most important tasks lists at any given time and letting you hide what is irrelevant to reduce the distractions

- There is now a new dedicated screen with all of the tasks settings that you can configure to easily make your tasks lists in the app fit your various needs

- Completely redesigned watchOS app that is taking advantage of the new great features and modern design of watchOS 10, such as a new simplified navigation in the app helping you get to your important tasks as soon as you launch the app allowing you to effortlessly stay on top of all of your daily tasks right from your wrist, as well as the support for the new Smart Stack in watchOS 10 that shows the important tasks for any of the tasks categories that you have in the app that you can select when configuring the Smart Stack

- Improved widgets with an ability to mark your tasks as completed directly from the widget on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 without even having to open the app helping you simplify your entire tasks management process, support for the new StandBy widget in iOS 17 that shows your important tasks for any of the tasks lists that you have in the app that you can select when configuring this widget helping you get a quick overview of what needs to be done today, as well as the support for the new Lock Screen widgets in iPadOS 17 allowing you to view your most important tasks even faster now when you are using your iPad

- Updated design and functionality of different App Shortcuts making them look right at home in the 'Shortcuts' app on your device and easier to use on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, as well as the new 'Mark as Done' shortcut that lets you mark your tasks as completed without even having to launch the app

- Whilst it might not be noticeable from the first sight or sound that exciting, but in this update, we have also rewritten the entire data layer (Both local data and iCloud sync) of the app to enhance its efficiency and significantly improve the performance of the app making it even more enjoyable to use on a daily basis

- New app icon that is still keeping the same familiar look but now looking a bit more detailed and polished

- Lots of user-experience and performance improvements throughout the app, as well as various bug fixes