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Doneit Version 2.6

Published: Monday 23rd October 2023

Doneit 2.6 is finally here! This update brings quite a lot of significant improvements to already existing features in the app making them even more useful and powerful.


What is New:

- Completely reimagined attachments experience with a redesigned and improved attachments browser that now lets you manage your attachments in bulk with a new option to also share these attachments with others, improved attachments viewer, an ability to add different files to tasks and subtasks, such as PDF, CSV, Pages, and more, as well as the support for inline attachments in the tasks lists (Please just note that if you have added any attachments to your tasks or subtasks prior to this update, you will need to go to the editing screens of these tasks or subtasks, then make sure that the previous attachments have been loaded, and then simply tap on the 'Done' button for all of these new features to apply to your previously added attachments too)

- Enhanced duplication that now lets you effortlessly duplicate a category with or without its tasks helping you save a large amount of time when setting up your tasks lists that might have similar tasks

- Improved sync with the system's Reminders app that now offers another option to only add the tasks that you add in Doneit to the Reminders app instead of only offering a full two-way sync

- Support for the Kanban board view on Apple Watch to help you view and manage all of your tasks even more efficiently right from your wrist

- Localization improvements 

- Various user-experience and performance improvements, as well as bug fixes