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Doneit Version 2.6.5

Published: Monday 13th November 2023

This special Black Friday update is finally here bringing quite a few new exciting features and improvements to make Doneit even more enjoyable to use!

What is New:

- Support for the share extension that allows you to quickly create tasks in Doneit and assign the different content from other apps as attachments to these tasks that will definitely simplify your workflow and help you be even more efficient

- An option to view attachments of the tasks and subtasks in a list instead of only in a grid making Doneit even more customizable to fit your various needs

- Ability to filter attachments of the tasks and subtasks using different criteria, such as whether or not it's an image or a file that will help you focus on just the specific type of the attachments at any given time and reduce the distractions

- Ability to sort attachments of the tasks and subtasks using various sort options that will definitely be helpful if you would like to view your attachments in a certain order, for example, alphabetically based on the titles of the attachments

- Ability to reorder attachments of the tasks and subtasks that lets you place them however you wish

- Various performance improvements and bug fixes