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Doneit Version 2.7

Published: Wednesday 17th January 2024

What is New With Doneit:

- An introduction of one of the most exciting features ever added in the app - list actions that allow you to configure what happens when you add or move a task to a specific tasks list in the app

- You can now filter your tasks by multiple criteria

- You can now customize the actions that are placed in the task’s context menu, as well as edit the task’s attributes directly from its context menu

- Reimagined subtasks picker

- Improved recurring reminders with an option to receive the next reminder since the date when the task was last completed, as well as more repeat intervals

- Timeline view now shows the name of the day of the week

- You can now select the specific reminders lists that you would like to sync between Doneit and the system’s Reminders app

- An option for the compact appearance of the task rows that hides all of the additional information about each of the tasks

- App shortcut for moving the tasks between the lists

- Localization improvements

- Various other user-experience and performance improvements, as well as bug fixes

- In order to simplify the app, in this update they have also decided to remove the SharePlay collaboration feature that was offered in the app because Doneit already supports collaboration via iCloud (Just long-press any of your categories that you would like to share with others and then select the 'Share' option from the menu, please just note that this feature is part of the Doneit Premium)