You can currently running on the UK1 server.

Fantastical Version 3.7.1

Published: Saturday 1st October 2022

- Added support for meetings from

- Improved the reliability of time to leave alerts

- Fantastical Openings editor is now localized

- Fixed an issue that could prevent calendar sets from automatically changing based on time

- Fixed an issue where incoming event proposals wouldn't update the notifications section immediately

- Fixed an issue where disabling a calendar in a set would disable other calendars with the exact same name and color on other accounts

- Fixed an issue where renaming a calendar set could get undone a few seconds later

- Fixed an issue where changing the title of an engagement would also change its URL

- Fixed an issue that prevented some calendars from being subscribed to

- Fixed an issue where adding an attachment to an event on Google could show two attachments

- Various fixes and improvements