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Fantastical Version 3.7.2

Published: Tuesday 25th October 2022

Fantastical has had a big update, which improves usability for everyone!


- Focus Filters for macOS Ventura! Filter your calendar sets when activating a Focus

- App Shortcuts for macOS Ventura! Using Fantastical's shortcuts is now even quicker and easier

- Restored Meetup functionality and improved support for online events

- Added support for adding Fastmail accounts with OAuth

- Improved the visual appearance and usability of the Openings editor

- Improved loading calendar subscriptions from some servers

- Fixed an issue where the state of hidden items was not properly syncing between devices

- Fixed an issue where Openings availability blocks on Saturdays were being moved to Sundays

- Fixed an issue that prevented attendee comments from updating for some users using Google Calendar

- Fixed an issue importing ICS files with invalid time zone data

- Fixed an issue that prevented alerts from being copied when duplicating or pasting events

- Fixed a crash when importing ICS files for some users

- Fixed an issue where custom calendar weeks were not being used for the menu bar icon and dock badge

- Various fixes and improvements