You can currently running on the UK1 server.

Fantastical Version 3.7.3

Published: Sunday 6th November 2022

- Added support for syncing custom colors with Fastmail

- Added support for Beacon and Gong conferences

- Changing calendar sets can be undone and redone

- Changing the category of a recurring Exchange event and clicking Cancel no longer changes the category anyway

- Fixed starting events at 10am causing the event to jump to 10pm when the day starts setting is 11pm or 12pm

- Fixed an issue that crashed when performing a database migration for some users

- Fixed an issue that would cause the wrong date to be shown in widgets

- Fixed an issue where importing ics files for invitation replies or cancellations sometimes wouldn't work correctly

- Fixed a crash during onboarding for some users on macOS Ventura

- Fixed an issue where hiding an item on another device wouldn't update in the main calendar window immediately

- Fixed a crash when unhiding an event that was hidden a long time ago

- Fixed a crash when unhiding a recurring event

- Various fixes and improvements