You can currently running on the UK1 server.

Fantastical Version 3.7.4

Published: Thursday 8th December 2022

  • Added an option to hide Todoist tasks on shared lists that aren't assigned to anybody
  • Improved accessibility support for the Openings editor
  • Improved the localization for birthdays and anniversaries in Spanish and Italian so the name comes before the age or anniversary number
  • Improved detection of Exchange servers that support hybrid modern auth through Office 365
  • Improved error handling when an OAuth token fails to refresh for an unexpected reason
  • Made VoiceOver read the event times before the location, for a streamlined experience
  • Creating an event after 11pm by double-clicking in day or week view no longer sets the title incorrectly
  • Moving items with control-arrow keys will scroll to the new date to keep the moved item visible
  • Fantastical will now quit more quickly
  • Fixes and improvements when proposing new times when responding to event invitations
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on dates in the calendar view would show the wrong date
  • Fixed an issue where hidden items would still show up in the widgets
  • Fixed an issue that prevented all-day notifications from working correctly
  • Fixed print preview not updating immediately when changing certain settings
  • Fixed hiding or showing items sometimes not updating the user interface immediately
  • Fixed clicking on a notification not showing the event or task's details
  • Fixed an issue with Openings templates that resulted in the wrong schedule being offered when the template was not using the system timezone
  • Fixed an issue with Openings templates that resulted in the wrong schedule being offered when it contained blocks extending past midnight
  • Fixed an issue where Openings or Proposals would get stuck if they're targeting a calendar on a disabled account
  • Fixed an issue where meeting proposals could be unintentionally declined
  • Fixed an issue that prevented copying a link in the Openings editor from working as expected
  • Various fixes and improvements