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Fantastical Version 3.7.6

Published: Friday 20th January 2023

Fantastical have been working hard to make improvements and in this update they has released a huge range of improvements and fixes. Check out what they have done:

- Added support for Slack Huddle links

- Added support for SecureVideo links

- Selecting a calendar in the parser with /calendarname will now match based on the account name (for example "New event 5pm tomorrow /homeic" will select the Home calendar on the iCloud account)

- Improved support for recognizing MS Teams links

- Improved the way VoiceOver describes repeating tasks

- Improved VoiceOver support for Fantastical Proposals

- Improved VoiceOver support for the Weather view

- Improved the way repeating events are handled on CalDAV accounts

- Double-clicking and dragging in the day heading in Day and Week view will now create a new all-day event

- It is now easier to set default timed alerts for at the time of an event

- Fixed multiple events on different calendars sometimes not merging correctly

- Fixed an issue that prevented Fantastical Openings bookings from being created with default video conference settings

- Fixed an issue where events created in the Detroit time zone would appear in the Indiana time zone on Exchange

- Fixed an issue that prevented attachments from being uploaded to Google Drive for some users

- Fixed an issue where the heatmap wouldn’t refresh in the Year view when using a third-party mouse

- Fixed an issue where notifications for all-day proposal responses would incorrectly show a time

- Fixed an issue that caused labels on Todoist to sync incorrectly

- Fixed an issue where notification buttons were displayed with the wrong color while the option key was pressed

- Fixed an issue that prevented weather from updating correct in widgets for some users

- Fixed an issue where the Quarter view wouldn't display data for the full quarter

- Fixed an issue where invitations on CalDAV accounts would incorrectly show an option for a response message that wouldn't do anything

- Fixed an issue where changing free/busy availability of a recurring event would change it for all events in the series instead of a single event

- Pasting lots of text into notes will now scroll the notes to the end

- Meeting notes can now be seen by attendees when responding to a Meeting proposal

- Fixed an issue where Reminders were not showing up in widgets on Ventura

- Error messages during Zoom sync are shown less frequently

- Various fixes and improvements