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Fantastical Version 3.7.7

Published: Tuesday 7th February 2023

This is a big update for fixing issues in Fantastical, but that is not the only thing that happened in this update. Check out what else they have done:


- Webex meetings can now be scheduled in the Personal Room

- Added support for personal Microsoft Teams conferences


- Improved detection and recovery when encountering a corrupt database

- Improved handling of Todoist sync errors


- Fixed an issue where the mini window would automatically close when some other app activated Secure Event Input

- Fixed an issue were events deleted on a Google calendar could reappear

- Fixed a crash when encountering an invalid time zone on Exchange

- Fixed an issue where dragging events to year view would set them to all-day events

- Fixed an issue where dragging events to month view would change the start date

- Fixed an issue where notifications for Openings appointments would disappear too soon if a conference call was automatically added

- Fixed an issue where updating an event from search results would scroll back to the top of the list

- Fixed popovers for incoming invitations appearing too tall

- Fixed widgets not working on macOS 11 and 12

- Fixed an issue where syncing to Todoist could generate more requests than necessary

- Fixed an issue where Exchange accounts could hang syncing when encountering unexpected server issues

- Various fixes and improvements