You can currently running on the UK1 server.

Fantastical Version 3.7.10

Published: Thursday 6th April 2023


- Fantastical Openings can now be configured to request or require a phone number when meetings are booked

- The menu bar now includes the amount of time left in the current event

- Added ability to limit the number of guests allowed when using Fantastical Openings

- Added support for detecting PracticeBetter meetings

- Improved time zone name display in Settings

- Improved the readability of the user message when deleting multiple items

- Dragging an untimed task from the sidebar to the week view no longer forces the task to be an all-day task

- Events ending at midnight in Day or Week view no longer visually go slightly past midnight


- Fixed a crash that occurred when dragging tasks to the month, quarter, or year views

- Fixed an issue where the location wouldn't appear for some events in Day or Week view when there are many overlapping events

- Fixed an issue where a template could have the wrong date when applied to today

- Fixed an issue where splitting a recurring event series would result in one extra event being created

- Fixed an issue where certain types of delegated calendars wouldn't appear on Exchange accounts

- Fixed an issue where connecting to a server with an invalid SSL certificate would ask repeatedly after disallowing the connection

- Fixed an issue where Zoom/Webex options would be visible in the Openings Editor even if they couldn't be set

- Fixed a crash that could happen when toggling a Google Account

- Fixed an issue where adding some personal Microsoft 365 accounts wouldn't work

- Fixed free/busy lookups not working on some Office 365 accounts

- Various fixes and improvements