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Fantastical Scheduling Improvements

Published: Thursday 16th June 2022

After being out for four months Fantastical Scheduling has got some big updates in the 3.6.5 update.

Update Highlights

Automatic conference calls - Once people have selected a time that they are available for a meeting with you using the Openings you have selected you can now automatically add a conference call. However, some meetings will be face-to-face, so for those you can select a a template that will allow your client/co-workers to decide if the meeting will be online or face-to-face.

Break Time - Ensure that you have some time after each meeting or appointment so you are not jumping from meeting to meeting. Using Break Time will allow you to gather your thoughts, take a breath, and start each meeting refreshed.

Openings Availability view - Easily check which time slots you still have free and which ones are no longer available.

These are just the highlights of the update, so there are many smaller changes for you to explore!