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Integrity Plus Version 12.6.4

Published: Tuesday 7th February 2023

Integrity Plus has been working hard to make improvements and fix issues to ensure that you get the best experience, so see what changes they have made:

- Fixes double-quotes in url (even if percent-encoded) corrupting the exported bad links (by link) csv 

- Fixes crash which happened under unlikely circumstances 

- Fixes a bug that could have caused spurious statuses for certain urls (caused if url contained a percent symbol which isn't part of a percent-encoding, which is a bad practice anyway.)

- Fixes some urls with unlikely character combinations in the querystring or path to misleadingly display in tables as the domain only 

- Some social and calendar 'add this' links are now listed but not checked. It's potentially not a good thing to request these urls to check them. The ones in question are major domains (eg Google, Outlook) and tend to be generated by plugins, and so more likely to give a false positive when testing than to actually be broken.