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Integrity Plus Version 12.7.0

Published: Friday 17th February 2023

Integrity Plus is always working to give you the best experience and with this update they are doing just that. 

  • Some fixes to the 'check anchors' functionality. Note that the status will be the http status regardless of whether the anchor is good or bad, ie '200 no error' even if the anchor doesn't appear on the target page. In the case of a problem with an anchor, a warning is created on that url which can be highlighted in orange depending on your Preferences, or shown in the warnings table in the case of Integrity Pro and Scrutiny. 
  • Fixes the option Preferences>Views>Display labels>'Display labels for redirected URLs'.
  • An efficiency improvement which may help with a slowing-down problem experienced by some users and will generally make the app more efficient for medium to large sites.