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Integrity Pro Version 12.5.2

Published: Sunday 13th November 2022

Integrity Pro has had a few changes recently that you should know about. 


- Fixes a problem that led to the final status of certain urls (a redirect followed by an error) showing the 3xx redirect code rather than the final error code.

- Fixes bug with the redirect table in the Link Inspector not showing the starting url on the first row but the first redirect url

- Fixes a problem that could (under fairly unlikely circumstances) lead to a page incorrectly being excluded from the sitemap for being marked 'robots noindex'.

Other Changes:

- rolls structured data functionality from Scrutiny into Integrity Pro:

- Looks for json-ld on each page

- Displays the json in a readable way within the Page Inspector (double-click a page in the SEO table)

- Displays the top-level @types from json-ld in the SEO->Meta data table.