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Luminar Neo Version 1.5.0

Published: Thursday 17th November 2022

Luminar Neo 1.5.0: Four spectacular new Extensions

Are you ready for one of the most exciting updates of the year? The Skylum Team is proud to present Luminar Neo Update 1.5.0, which contains not one, not two, but four new Extensions!

Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking combines many images taken at different focal lengths to deliver a crisp result with a greater depth of field than in any of the individual source images. Stack up to 100 source images and they'll automatically be aligned and cropped based on the reference photo. Lens and chromatic aberration corrections can also be applied to raw photos.

Upscale AI

Upscale AI enhances image resolution in a natural way. Before upscaling, the tool exports the image to save all edits made to the original file. It works both with raw and non-raw files and can upscale them up to 6X, giving the best results on 2X and 4X enhancements.

Background Removal AI

Background Removal AI automatically removes the background behind the subject in a photo. You can also select multiple subjects that you want to leave and remove the rest. The refinement brush allows you to fix any imperfections.

Supersharp AI

Supersharp AI helps you transform a photo with a moving subject from blurry to sharp. The neural network calculates a photo's depth, perspective, and context. With this information, it can deblur and correct the focus with compression algorithms. Easily eliminate motion blur.


All of these Extensions are now available in Luminar Neo for Pro Plan monthly and yearly subscribers, as well as for owners of the 2022 Extensions Pack.

Other changes:

Apart from these new Extensions, you can also enjoy the updated user interface in the left panel of the Catalog and use the Undo-Redo feature for brushing.

Last but not least, we've fixed a number of bugs. Now Luminar Neo works even more smoothly. Try out the improvements!