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Luminar Neo Version 1.8.0

Published: Wednesday 12th April 2023

Luminar Neo 1.8.0: Histogram in Edits, Presets amount, previews on hover, and more improvements

With Luminar Neo 1.8.0, the Histogram is now available in the Edits tab, and you can sort photos using the raw filter in the Catalog. Additionally, preview on hover is now available for LUTs in the Mood tool, the Blend Mode in Layers, and Camera Profile in the Develop RAW tool. You can also regulate the intensity of a Preset adjustments with a slider, and you can use another slider to view your photo's before and after states.

On top of that, you'll find performance improvements and support for new cameras including the Canon EOS R8, Canon EOS R50, and Panasonic DC-S5-ll.

Last but not least, Luminar Neo 1.8.0 is faster and more stable, as they have fixed a number of bugs. Enjoy a more convenient editing experience!