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Luminar Neo Version 1.9.0

Published: Monday 8th May 2023

Luminar Neo 1.9.0: Undo and Redo functionality, bug fixes, and more

With each update, Luminar Neo is becoming more useful and reliable, so let's explore the improvements included in Luminar Neo 1.9.0.

- The long-anticipated Undo/Redo functionality is here. Now, you can back out of an edit and reapply it easily, making experimenting with different editing tools more convenient.

- You will also see performance improvements with the RAW Develop and masking tools, making your photo editing experience more efficient.

- On top of that, Luminar Neo 1.9.0 is faster and more stable, as they've caught and fixed a number of bugs. Install this update today to take advantage of these new features and performance improvements. Enjoy!