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Luminar Neo Version 1.10.0

Published: Sunday 4th June 2023

Luminar Neo 1.10.0: Upscale AI and other Extension improvements, new cameras support, and more

In Extensions, you'll get significant quality improvements with Upscale AI. You will now be able to collapse individual Extensions panels in the Catalog view-such as HDR Merge, Focus Stacking, and Upscale AI-providing a more customized and cleaner user experience. There are also several interface changes for Noiseless AI, Supersharp AI and Magic Light AI.

They've also added support for the new cameras Sony ZV-E1 and Sony FX30.

On top of that, you can learn more about every tool by clicking on the 'i button' located beside each one. You'll also receive explanations about all the five tabs inside Luminar Neo (Catalog, Presets, Edit, Extensions, and Export) during the onboarding process.

Additionally, you can easily purchase new creative assets including Skies and Presets from the Luminar Marketplace directly in Luminar Neo's Extras tab.

While editing you'll notice performance and stability improvements in Face AI, Mask AI, and Sky AI.

Luminar Neo 1.10.0 is also faster and more stable, as they've caught and fixed a number of bugs. Update now and enjoy using the latest version of Luminar Neo!