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Luminar Neo Version 1.14.1

Published: Thursday 19th October 2023

Ready to find out what exciting improvements you’ll find in Luminar Neo 1.14.1? Let’s dive right in.

Now you can draw free-form neon lights in Neon & Glow, experimenting with shapes and intensity. You can also build polygonal shapes around your subjects to accentuate them in new creative ways. To do so, simply hold the Shift key and click on the part of your photo where you want to add the shape. Time to have some fun with your editing!

You’ll notice improvements in your editing work with brushes, including more refined brushing performance, more accurate rendering of the first brush stroke in the Toning tool, and more responsive brush masks in Dodge & Burn.

Plus, Luminar Neo 1.14.1 works faster and steadier thanks to a number of bug fixes they’ve caught.