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Meet ClearVPN 2

Published: Saturday 4th March 2023

Meet ClearVPN 2, a better ClearVPN! They heard the users' feedback, fixed the bugs, and reimagined how ClearVPN can be more helpful for daily digital tasks.

What's new in ClearVPN 2?

It has been redesigned to be clutter-free, with deeper colors to bring more accents and intuitive navigation. Plus, juicy buttons have been added for a more enjoyable user experience.

ClearVPN 2 has also been repacked to focus on three main functions: instant protection, connection to servers in a different country, and better streaming experience.

All three VPN connections are available from the main screen, and each is turned on with one button click. ClearVPN 2 is optimized to work faster and smoother, allowing the user to have an effortless and productive experience.