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New Tool Arrive in DevUtils

Published: Monday 11th April 2022

DevUtils is one of our favourite developer tools, and today they have made it even better with the release of a great new update packed with new tools and features!

New tools

Added Color Converter tool! Comes with code presets for CSS, Java, .Net, Android, Swift, and ObjC!

Added PHP tools: PHP⬌JSON Converter, PHP Serializer/Unserializer.

Added Random String Generator, can also be used as a password generator with a lot of flexibility.

New features

You can now add Groups by selecting multiple tools → Right-click → Add to Group.

A new Frequently Used section is added. It is not shown by default, you can show this section by clicking the menu Tools → Frequently Used → Show Top 5/10/20 Tools.

Introducing a new toolbar on the top of each tool. The toolbar will show relevant information for each tool while you use it.


String Case Converter now supports more cases: UPPER CASE, lower case, Capitalized Case, Sentence case, Title Case (APA Convention), slug-case.

JSON Formatter now supports input in JavaScript expression.

Added an option to JSON Formatter to disable continuous mode.

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