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Photomator Version 3.1

Published: Monday 21st August 2023

Photomator 3.1 introduces an all-new Smart Deband feature, which brings a revolutionary new way to enhance the quality of your photos by removing color banding artifacts and increasing color depth with a single tap. The update also brings major photo browser improvements, letting you manage your photos, albums, and folders with even more ease.

Smart Deband

• Using the powerful new Smart Deband feature, you can now remove color banding artifacts from photos saved using lossy compression formats and increase their color depth, bringing them to a near-RAW quality.

• Smart Deband's AI-powered artifact removal algorithm detects and smooths out photo areas with banding or blocking artifacts to create even, seamless gradients or solid colors.

• To ensure especially smooth transitions between colors, Smart Deband also increases the color depth of a photo to 16-bit — color depth comparable to a RAW image.

• With the new Smart Deband action available in the batch editing settings, you can now deband and increase the color depth of multiple photos at a time.

Major Photo Browser Improvements

• Manage your albums and folders even more easily with quick options for creating, deleting, renaming, reordering, and more.

• In albums, you'll find new options for quickly adding photos to albums and sorting photos by date.

• From now on, you can also easily drag and drop photos from one album to another or drag and drop photos to Photomator from other apps.

• Quickly copy and paste photos in albums, or copy and paste photos from Photos and Files apps.

• You can now seamlessly navigate between photos with arrow keys using the iPad keyboard.

• Find even more keyboard shortcuts available on your iPad. Press the Command-R keyboard shortcut to revert edits, the Command-D keyboard shortcut to duplicate a photo, the Space key to quickly open a photo, and more.