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Photomator Version 3.3.4

Published: Thursday 29th February 2024

Photomator 3.3.2 adds support for the powerful new Files browser on Mac, introducing side-by-side edit saving, smaller edit files, and the ability to browse and edit photos from the filmstrip in the Files browser. The update also includes improvements for better RAW image handling, and adds a few other fixes.

• When working in Files, enjoy smooth edit syncing with Photomator's powerful new Files browser on Mac.

• Edits sync when editing in various cloud services like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, as long as you're signed in on all devices.

• When editing photos on Mac in SSDs, NAS, or SD cards, the same edits are preserved when opening the storage drives on iPhone or iPad.

• From now on, you can choose to save edits right next to the original photo in its original folder. This side-by-side edit saving keeps the edit files smaller and leaves the original photos untouched.

• Set your preferred method for saving edits in the Editing settings within the Files browser.

• Enjoy a convenient new way to browse photos using the filmstrip at the bottom of the screen.

• Quickly start editing with filmstrip by pressing and holding a folder in the Files browser and selecting "Edit with Filmstrip" to give it folder access.

• Shadows and highlights in the Basic adjustment would not work correctly. Fixed.

• RAW photos edited using older Photomator versions would open too bright. Fixed.

• When batch exporting photos, they would not be resized correctly. Fixed.

• In some cases, .cube LUTs would be grayed out when attempting to import them. Fixed.

• Compressed Fujifilm RAW files would open with unexpected cropping. Fixed.