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Scrivener Version 3.3.1

Published: Tuesday 4th April 2023

Scrivener 3.3.1 fixes a bug in version 3.3 that caused a crash when trying to access the colour popovers via the formatting bar.


Scrivener 3.3 improves overall stability and contains nearly a hundred bug fixes and refinements, including:



• Compile now supports generating PDF files in the PDF/X-1a format (required by certain self-publishing services).

• Miscellaneous improvements to exporting ebook, DOCX and Markdown files.



• Comment chains in DOCX and RTF files are now imported into a single comment (previously only the first comment in a chain was imported).



• Fixed bug whereby the snapshot comparison feature failed to work on macOS Ventura.

• Composition mode now leaves space at the top of the screen for the “notch” on modern MacBooks.

• Improved conversion of colours when converting between inline and inspector comments using the Transformations menu.


Plus many, many other minor refinements and bug fixes.