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Soulver Version 3.7.2

Published: Saturday 14th January 2023

There have been many changes in the most recent update, each one making it a better experience for you!

Specifier Shorthands

- Added short form specifiers for quicker conversions:

- Use "num" for number ("35% as num" = 0.35)

- Use "bin" for binary ("123 as bin" = 0b1111011)

- Use "iso" for the iso8603 date format ("today as iso" = 2022-11-24T12:00:00%2003:00)


- Your Mac's preferred unit system is now respected in Wolfram|Alpha queries

- Your preferred number format is now respected in Wolfram|Alpha queries

- Wolfram|Alpha queries may now be performed in QuickSoulver

- It can take a few minutes for newly created Wolfram|Alpha AppIDs to be activated. This is now better communicated in Soulver's settings


- Multi-word variables are now automatically formatted with non-breaking spaces

- Alfred workflow has been updated and now works with Soulver installed in non-standard locations

- Lots of minor bug fixes & misc improvements