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Soulver Version 3.8.0

Published: Wednesday 22nd March 2023

Live Weather

- Get real-time weather data for most locations on Earth (thanks to Apple Weather on macOS Ventura)

- Simply type "weather in (city or airport code)" for the current temperature and weather conditions. Lines with weather queries will live-update during the day

- You can also query for "temperature/temp", "feels like/apparent temperature", "high" and "low"

- Weather queries depend on place names already recognized by Soulver (this includes most large cities around the world)

- You can add additional places for weather queries in the Calculator > Additional Places settings


Sheets & Sync

- New "Keep on Top" option under the Window menu for sheets

- Soulver matches the behavior of the Notes app where you can go Window > Open Sheet in New Window and then Window > Keep on Top to make a particular sheet (or Soulver file) always float above other windows on your Mac

- New option to automatically resolve sync conflicts by selecting the most recently edited version of a sheet


Date & Time Calculations

- Support for lowercase timezone abbreviations (gmt, aest, pst, etc)

- A couple of new date calculation functions: "days until April", "days left in March"

- Dates formatted in ISO8601 are now recognized in expressions

- "Sept" can now be used to refer to September (in addition to "Sep")

- "SIN" can be used to refer to Singapore now (in the past this conflicted with the sin() trigonometry function)



- Added a menu item under the Help menu to reset suppressed warnings

- You can now suppress the dialog offering to automatically rename variables for you after changing a variable's name


Bug fixes

- Fixed an issue with auto-complete and variables beginning with "total" (thanks Bill!)

- Fixed a bug with an incorrectly identified comment in a variable declaration (thanks Russ!)

- Fixed an issue with the next/last/this weekday function returning inaccurate answers in some cases

- Fixed an issue where automatic variable renaming was triggering unnecessarily when clicking away from a variable declaration line

- Fixed a crash that could occur for some users on macOS Ventura 13.1%20 after variable renaming