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This Week's Featured App, Little Snitch by Objective Development

Published: Friday 17th March 2023

Are you worried about the security of your Mac and the data it holds? Look no further than Little Snitch by Objective Development. This app is a game-changer when it comes to taking charge of your Mac's security.

Little Snitch's primary function is to alert you when apps try to connect to the internet. It gives you the power to block suspicious connections instantly. It does this through two powerful monitoring options: Alert Mode and Silent Mode. In Alert Mode, you receive instant alerts about new connections and can choose to allow or deny them. In Silent Mode, the app monitors every connection in the background, and you can review them later to block any that seem suspicious.

If you want to see where your data is going, Little Snitch's Network Monitor visually maps out all connections made by your Mac. This feature provides real-time insight into transferred and blocked data, thanks to animated lines.

Defending your privacy and data is essential in today's digital age, and Little Snitch helps you do just that.