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Todoist now has Lock Screen Widgets

Published: Friday 23rd September 2022

With iOS 16 being released recently Todoist has been updated so you can get the most out of the new version of iOS. The biggest feature in this update is the Lock Screen widgets. This feature is a hug improvement for Todoist users as it means you can do things such as adding to your todo list without having to unlock you phone, find the app and then add your task. This may seem like a small update to you, but trust us, it is life changing.

This is not the only change they have made in the most recent update. More changes and updates include:

  • task count next to filters - meaning you always know how many tasks are yet to be completed 
  • more notification options - you can have more notifications so you never miss out on anything, or if you prefer not to have notifications that is also an option 
  • bug fixes for all platforms - making your experience as smooth as possible


Image showing the new Lock Screen widgets in action