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Tripsy Version 2.17.0

Published: Tuesday 19th September 2023

Tripsy is updated for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10.



• Brand new watchOS app using the latest technologies, so the app is much faster than before. There are also new widgets for watchOS and support for the Smart Stack that will display your next activities. Tripsy for watchOS now requires watchOS 10 or greater to run.

• New interactive widgets for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. The widget shows a list of activities for a specific category, and you can mark the activity as done or not. The same widget has a shortcut to open the whole list in the app or add a new activity to such a category.

• New lock screen widgets: next activity, itinerary, and more detailed information about the next flight or transportation. It is a great way to catch up with what’s happening on your trip without even unlocking your iPhone or iPad. The widget highlights the most important information on a contextual basis, so if your train or flight is in the next hour, we will highlight the transportation number and departure time.

• Map preferences setting: it’s possible now to configure to view or hide the routes on the map (for flights & other transportation methods). This makes the map view clean and easier to find the activities you’re looking for. The app is also always displaying the places you’re staying, even if you’re only filtering for a unique category. That helps you get a sense of the distance from your lodging to the activity.

• Account information synced over keychain between devices. Now, when you set up a new device with Tripsy, it will automatically recognize the account and start syncing immediately with that data.

• Updated the list of available airlines and airports with much more data.

• When using our share extension from Google Maps, fetch all detailed information from the place (name, phone, website, etc.).



• Update the collaborators' calendars when someone updates the trip information or delete an entire trip.

• Update the timezone of a location when we don’t immediately have it from the search list.

• Weather was showing a location sometimes, even when the activity ends on another day.

• Crash when moving an activity from a category that would be empty.

• Ignore attachments on emails that add no value.

• Fixed macOS app size based on the macOS resolution.

• Improvements to the loading state of all widgets.