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About Us

The Story Behind Student App Centre

Student App Centre is an independent site ran by just one person, me!

The idea of Student App Centre began in summer 2017 when I bought a new iMac and decided to buy some new software to accompany it. When looking at some of the software I wanted to get, it was sometimes just a little too much for someone living off a student loan. So, I decided to email the developers of these software packages and ask about student discounts, to my surprise almost every developer I contacted did offer me a student discount.

This idea of student discounts being available but not apparent to any students seemed like a problem to me, so I started building a list of every discount I could find; the apps I had listed would then go on to be the first apps on Student App Centre.

Since launch, Student App Centre has also launched a service in which we verify people's student status and then distribute the apps discount ourselves. This service has meant students can get their discounts faster than ever before on apps which use it.