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CleanShot X Version 4.3

Published: Wednesday 22nd June 2022

With so many features you can take your screenshots to the next level when using CleanShot X and now with the new 4.3 updates, your tool for taking screenshots has only improved once again.

Key Update Features

- Added option to zoom the canvas in the annotation tool

- New "Lock mode" for pinned screenshots

- Added "Drag me" button to pinned screenshots

- You can now click on camera overlay to make it full screen

- Added square and rectangle camera shape options

- Set password protection and expiration time before upload (Pro)

More Updates

-Changed behavior of "Capture Area & ..." shortcuts - they won't ignore "After Capture" settings anymore

-Added "Capture Area & Save" keyboard shortcut

-Added option to set a keyboard shortcut for Pin action in the annotation tool

-Added "Scale Retina to 1x" to the Quick Access Overlay context menu (right-click)

-Added "Flip Horizontally" to the Quick Access Overlay context menu (right-click)

-Improved Spotlight tool by smoothing rounded corners

-Improved interactions with Spotlight and Pixelate objects

-Improved camera size settings by scaling it proportionally to the recording area

-Subtle change of app icon

-Fixed bugs with detecting links in the OCR tool and added an option to disable this feature

-Fixed bug with copying Retina screenshots to clipboard from Annotate

-Minor bug fixes and UX improvements